1. Describe a family member (who) made you proud. (New)


You should say:

Who this person is

When this happened

What this person did

And explain why you felt proud


I have a cousin who’s one year younger than me and dare I say lived in my shadow all his life because people would always compare him to me and I was a top student throughout my academic career.

However, he does have something going for him and that’s his good looks. I may be exaggerating slightly when I say he’s the most attractive man I’ve met in person, but I do remember seeing girls constantly glance at him when we would walk together in the street.

This one time, he sort of had an affair with the wife of a pool hall owner and they ran away to live in the suburbs together, with her one-year-old child! So the woman’s husband swore that he’d chop my cousin’s legs off if he ever caught him. And my uncle had a fallout with my cousin as well and the whole thing was a mess.

Because my cousin and I were quite close growing up, I was tasked with the mission to talk him out of it and come home, so I did. And about a month afterwards, he finally came around, leaving that woman and came back home.

I was so proud of him when they told me on the phone, because I’d really hoped that he would stop being childish and stubborn and when he did, I knew he’d now really grown up.


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