Describe two people you know from the same family. (New)


You should say:

Who they are

What they look like

How close they are to each other

And how you think of them


I have a friend I’ve known since middle school whose dad is an amateur writer and because I’m really close to this friend, I see his family a lot.

I have to say my friend is a spitting image of his father. They both quite a bit overweight and have an almost perfectly round face, but with a pointy chin. I know that sounds physically impossible, but it’s true. They look so much alike, especially now that we’re in our 30s, that it’d be pretty difficult to tell them apart from a distance.

As far back as I can remember, they’ve always had a fantastic relationship but not in a cringy kind of way. It almost feels like they’re great friends, you know the ones who are always on the same wavelength?That’s why I was often jealous of my friend.

Because this is probably the best friend I’ve had my whole life, there are so many things that I admire about him and his dad is just about the coolest dad anyone could ever dream of. He even helped us re-write the script to the play we were doing at school, for free! He also filmed it for us and it’s a treasured memory for all of us involved.


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