Bring Things(New)

  1. What you bring when you go out?

There are three things that I make sure I take on me whenever I go out of the house: my wallet, my phone and my keys. I also take my laptop when I’m going to work but not on my days off.


  1. How would you remind yourself of something you need to bring?

Normally, I put my wallet in my left pocket, my keys in the right pocket and my phone in the back, so before I get out of the front door, I check all three places to see if I’ve got them all. It’s become somewhat a subconscious routine now any time I get up and leave a place.


  1. Will you bring different things in the daytime or at night?

Not personally. I can’t imagine a scenario where I’d need to take different things on me when going out. I make sure to have the three things I mentioned on me any time I go out, and not much else. Maybe, other people are different, especially girls.


  1. Did you ever forget to bring things?

Oh yes, not a lot but I remember every time it happened, ‘cause they’re such stressful experiences. Especially if it was my phone that I’d left home. You just feel anxious the whole day and don’t know what to do about it.





Activities Near Water (New)

  1. What activities would you do if you were spending some leisure time at a beach or near the ocean?

My favourite activity is just to find a bench and sit there and just feel the breeze brushing my face. It gives me such a pleasant feeling. I even love the salty smell of the sea. So much so that I can’t get enough of it, I think it’s because I never grew up near the ocean.


  1. Why do some people like water sports?

I think some people just really love the ocean, first of all so doing activities in or around it makes them happy. Another possible reason is that most water sports count as extreme sports, so they excite people, giving them an adrenalin rush, which I totally understand.


  1. Do you think the government should invest money in developing facilities for water sports?

Yes, I think so. But not just water sports but all activities that keep the populace healthy. So obviously, for people who live near the ocean, water sports would be a prefer form of exercise and therefore should be encouraged like any other sport and so the government should make investments for them to grow.


  1. Do you think that human activity poses a threat to the oceans of the world?

Yes, I do think so. I’ve read quite a bit on this subject actually. Mainly about how overfishing has wiped out whole species of ocean life, and destroyed huge areas of habitat. It’s a disturbing image which doesn’t seems to be talked about in the media.


  1. What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of travelling on the oceans?

I think the disadvantages are more obvious: motion sickness, taking ages to get anywhere, the boredom after a few days. The advantages I imagine would include: the beautiful scenery, fresh air and plenty of onboard entertainment if you’re on a cruise.


  1. Do you think it’s important for children to learn how to swim?

Not necessarily. I mean I never learnt it and I still manage to live a meaningful and fulfilling life. But I imagine it’s a nice skill to have and a good form of exercise and if you’re ever in a life-threatening accident in water, then it may even save your life.


  1. Do you think it’s best for a child to be taught how to swim by a parent or by someone else?

I think the general rule of thumb is that a child learns fastest and most effectively when taught by someone not related to them the reason being the lack of familiarity commands more respect for authority and thus makes them more willing to follow instructions.


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