Flowers (New)

  1. Do you like flowers? Why?

Yes, I do like them. First because they all so beautiful, coming in all sorts of shapes and colours. Also, most flowers smell really sweet and make you feel pleasant.


  1. What flowers do you like? Why?

My favourite flower is probably tulips because I normally prefer simpler shapes and pure colours and tulips are exactly that, and of all the colours that they come in, I’m most fond of yellow. They just look so classy!


  1. Do you think flowers are important?

Yes, I think they’re irreplaceable in our world. Biologically, flowers are the reproductive organs of plants so they’re responsible for almost all the beautiful scenery we have in summer and all the fruit we eat come from them as well. Culturally, flowers play a significant role in our daily lives.


  1. Are flowers important in your culture? (Give examples)

Oh yes, they have been extremely important in Chinese culture through the centuries. We use different flowers to signify the good qualities of a person or a people. For example, plum blossoms are a symbol of endurance and perseverance because they bloom in winter, in the harshest of conditions, but still manage to be beautiful and fragrant.


  1. On what occasions are flowers important?

Well, obviously, red roses are a symbol of romantic love, so they feature most prominently on Valentine’s Day or weddings. Also, here in China, white and yellow chrysanthemums are a sign of purity and longing, so they’re used at funerals.


  1. Do people in your country ever use flowers for special occasions?

Well, obviously, red roses are a symbol of romantic love, so they feature most prominently on Valentine’s Day or weddings. Also, here in China, white and yellow chrysanthemums are a sign of purity and longing, so they’re used at funerals.


  1. Where do you usually buy flowers?

Where I live, there are florist’s everywhere, so it’s not hard to buy most common flowers. However, if you’re trying to find house plants, you’ll have to go to specialist markets where they sell all kinds of pot plants and things like goldfish and bonsai.


  1. Have you ever sent any flowers to someone else?

Yes, I have. In my younger days, I used to be very romantic and would buy flowers for any girl I was chasing at the time, so if I tell you that I stayed single through most of my teenage years, it wasn’t for a lack of trying.


  1. Do people in your country like growing flowers?

Yes, but it’s mostly limited to retired people who have both the time and patience, since it can be a long and frustrating process. My parents used to have a little garden in front of their country house but they mostly grew vegetables. Not exactly cultured people, my parents.


Outdoor Activities (New)

  1. What do you do in your spare time?

I spend most of my spare time on two things: football and video games and dare I say, I’m pretty good at both.


  1. Do you like outdoor activities?

Yes, I do, although I have to admit that I do much less than I used to and that’s because I simply don’t have that much time, also, as you age, it takes much longer to recover and the body can ache for days.


  1. How often do you do that?

I probably play football once every two weeks now, which is far from what I’d like. I used to play it almost twice a week when I was at university but I was much younger then and had loads of free time for it.


  1. What outdoor sports do you like? (why)

My sport of choice is football, considering I’ve been a fan since the age of ten and it’s such a popular sport anywhere in the world that you never have to worry about not being able to find people to play with!


  1. What types of outdoor activities are popular in your country?

Well, I think the big two are football and basketball but these are mostly popular among younger people. For the older generations, there’s this activity we call “square dancing”, where a group of retirees come together after dinner and dance to music in unison. You can see them in every public square in the country and it’s become some kind of a phenomenon in recent years.


  1. What do young people tend to do nowadays?

Well to be honest, most young people today tend to stay indoors rather than go outside and exercise. It’s a worrying trend but somewhat understandable, considering how much stress a lot of them are under from either their studies or work and the limited availability of facilities, combined with the ever-increasing popularity of online entertainment.


  1. How can people make full use of their leisure time?

Well I think one needs a certain level of organizational skills because in today’s world, leisure time can be rather limited. You have to plan ahead for anything if you want to relax or enjoy yourself. Also, one needs to remember to balance activities and rest so as not to suffer unnecessary stress.


  1. Do you have enough leisure time?

Nope, far from it. I’m like most people in having two days off every week and a two-week long paid holiday per year but I don’t think it even comes close to making up for all the stress and pain that work gives me. But I guess that’s just how life is nowadays. You don’t stop working till the day you die.


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