Friends (New)
1. Do you have many close friends?
No, not at all. I’ve got about 3 people that I would call close friends and I think that’s more than enough. As the ancient sages said: A man should count himself lucky if he finds even one other person in this world who truly understands him.

2. What would you like to do when you are with your best friend?
To be honest, I don’t care what we do. It’s the company that I enjoy. But I used to go for a drink with my best friend every time we met. Then it was usually hanging out in his home either watching TV and shoot the breeze or play games together.

3. What’s the difference between ordinary friends and the best friends you have?
I think the main difference is how much of yourself you’re willing to show when you’re with them. With ordinary friends, there’s always some reservation, but when you’re with your best friend, someone that you would trust with your life, you may confess your deepest thoughts to them.

4. Do you prefer to have several good friends or many regular friends?
I’d prefer several good friends any day. I just don’t see the point of having many friends but it seems to be something to brag about for some people. For me, this is a case of quality over quantity.

5. Do you think friendship is important?
Yes, I do think it’s important. I think it’s something that deeply rooted in us as social animals, where we needed each other to survive harsh conditions, so I guess it is comforting to know that there’s someone you can depend on when you’re in need.

6. What kind of people do you like to have as friends?
My first condition is a good sense of humour because I love to have a laugh and can’t imagine spending time with someone if we’re not joking around all the time.

7. How do you keep in touch with your friends?
I think in the modern world you have about a million ways to keep in touch with someone. Personally, I use Wechat way more than other methods, ‘cause it’s quick and multi-functional and just about every Chinese uses it. When I need to communicate with my friends in England, I usually use Whatsapp for texts and Skype for long conversations.

8. How can people make friends in your country?
I think it’s slightly different here. Most people make friends through school or work. You rarely see people just go to a pub or club and make friends there. I think generally speaking, Chinese people have smaller social circles than their Western counterparts.

1. Do you like sport?
Yes, I have to admit I’m a major sports fan.

2. What kinds of sports do you like?
My favourite sport is football and I’ve been following it since I was ten years old. I’m also a fan of basketball and some minor ones like snooker.

3. How often do you play that sport?
Well, not nearly as often as I used to. I was the captain of our class team back in university when we won the department tournament, but now I feel lucky if I get to play it once a week! Life gets in the way of leisure when you’re a proper adult!

4. What are the appropriate ways to do sports?
Well I suppose it’s common knowledge now that you need to stretch and warm up before sports activities in order to protect yourself from injuries. But I’ve also learnt that there’s something called cooling down after a long session of exercise so that your body don’t feel so sore the next day.

5. What are the differences between the sports that old people and the ones that young people do?
I think generally speaking, younger people tend to choose sports that are more intense and exciting, like football or basketball or most extreme sports, whereas older people prefer quieter activities like taichi or what we call square dancing so they can both exercise and have fun at the same time.

6. What are the differences between boys and girls when playing sports?
I’ve no idea actually. I’ve never thought there’d be any distinction. But I imagine boys would tend to play sports which require strength and speed whereas girls might go for finesse and aesthetics.

7. What sports are most popular in China?
Right now I think it’s a toss-up between football and basketball, where football might have the slight edge. There are definitely more young people who play basketball in their spare time but the total population of football fans is higher than basketball.

8. What sports do children prefer?
From my personal experience, children in China mostly play more casual sports like rope skipping and hacky sack or some other ones that are suited for the playground.

10. Is there any sport that you have never played that you would like to try?
Oh yes, quite a few actually. I’d love to take up skiing because I love speed! I imagine it’d be really cool sliding down a slope at high speed, with the wind blowing in your face. I’d also love to try diving, although I suppose I’d need to learn to swim first, otherwise it would really cut my diving career short if I don’t come back up after the first attempt.

– Sage: 圣人
– Company: 陪伴 companion:陪伴的人
– Hang out: 呆着,玩儿
– Reservation: 保留 reserved: 保守的
– Confess: 坦白,忏悔 confess someone’s love to sb…
– Quality over quantity: 在质不在量
– Be rooted in: 扎根于。。。
– Social animals: 群居动物
– Harsh conditions: 艰苦的条件/环境
– Comforting: 安慰的,令人欣慰的
– Have a laugh:开玩笑 (Are you having a laugh?)
– Multifunctional: 多功能的。
– Counterpart: 相对应的事物/人。
e.g: Chinese parents and their American counterparts.
– Department: 系
– Tournament:循环赛/体育比赛
– Injury: 运动时受伤
– Sore: 酸疼
– Aesthetics: 美学,美感
– Finesse: 技巧
– Toss-up: 二者选一,几率差不多
– Rope skipping: 跳绳
– Hacky sack: (踢的)口袋
– Diving: 跳水
– Slide:滑
– Slope:坡

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