Housework (New)

  1. Do you do housework at home?

Well, I live alone now, so I have to do it. But back when I lived with my parents, I hardly did any housework at all. It’s not that I was lazy or anything but my mom wouldn’t trust me. She said she’d have to do it all over again after me because I simply just wasn’t capable of cleaning anything, according to her.


  1. What kinds of housework do you often do?

In the flat I’m living in right now, I do everything, so dusting, sweeping, hoovering, mopping and the washing up, and so on. I can never say that I enjoy any of these chores but at least I understand now that they have to be done, otherwise the place would turn into a pigsty in no time.


  1. Did you do housework when you were a child?

Nope, none. I was quite a spoiled brat growing up. My mom would never let me do anything around the house. I never thought much of it then but now that I look back, I think it had quite a negative effect on my personality.


  1. Do you think that children should do housework?

Yes, I think they should be taught to do whatever they can physically manage because it would not only give them a sense of responsibility, but it would also help them understand and appreciate their parents more, which is severely lacking in today’s youth.


  1. Do you think men and women should share housework?

Oh yes, absolutely. A lot of people don’t realise how much work it is to keep a house clean and it’s not right that the whole burden should be forced onto any one member of the family, so it’s definitely fair that every family member should share the responsibility.


  1. What kinds of housework do you dislike doing?

I think the one I hate most is washing up. It’s not hard work compared to some other chores around the house. It’s just that you normally have to do it right after a meal, a time when you’re probably at your laziest of the whole day. I mean who wants to get their hands wet when they should be lying comfortably on the couch watching tele?!



  1. Do you like art?

Yeah, I enjoy a good piece of artwork every now and then, although, I can’t say I’m a big fan of some contemporary art, too progressive for me.


  1. What benefits does participating in art bring to people?

Well it’s an outlet for people with artistic flair, a way to express their inner thoughts and feelings, so it must be a fulfilling experience for them, first of all. It’s also a good way to keep oneself occupied in one’s spare time, which certainly beats watching TV all day.


  1. How important do you think art is in the lives of people?

Well, one of the functions of art is as a form of entertainment, in that people find pleasure from appreciating artwork. So combined with other popular forms of entertainment, art is an essential part of modern life.


Also, art is an integral part of the human heritage. It’s played an important role in shaping our world into what it is today, so personally, I think everyone should learn about it.


Art is an important part of one’s personal cultivation.


  1. Why do you think people like to have a painting (or other artwork) in their homes?

I think people do it for different reasons. Some people are just art enthusiasts, so they put their favourite paintings on their walls so they can appreciate them whenever they want. Others may do it just for decoration, so they may not really know that much about art.


  1. Have you ever been to an art gallery before?

Yes, I have. Lots of times. Although my favourite is still the little gallery in Bath, England where they have some amazing landscape paintings of the local area that I thought were extremely well done. It was part of the reason why I fell in love with that city.



  • Bewildered: 困惑的, 混乱的, 不知所措的
  • Exotic: 有异域风情的
  • Hoovering: 吸尘
  • Hoover/vacuum cleaner: 吸尘器
  • Dislike doing. Dislike to do
  • Chore(可数): 不得不做的家务事
  • The tube(美语): television
  • Contemporary art: 当代艺术
  • Cliché:老套的话,东西
  • Progressive: 前卫的
  • Fulfilling: 充实的
  • Integral: 不可分割的
  • Heritage: 遗产 world heritage site: 世界文化遗产遗址?
  • Landscape/portrait: 景物/人像 cityscape


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